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Mom and Son by Lucky-JJ

Amazing! One does find unexpected gems while browsing in the middle of the night. Monochromatic, haunting, eerie, foreboding, but oh so...

Refinery at Night by Temporalvisions

I always had a fascination with oil rigs, derricks, pumpjacks and refineries. Maybe because of their sheer size and the fact that they'...

If the real flare corona's from the Sun looked like this, I'd be a sun-worshipper! :D She's beautiful. Creepy-looking, but beautiful. A ...

by melannc

A lovely photograph. You are beautiful! And I mean that with deep respect, sincerity, and professionally. There's a pureness and innoce...

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Albert D.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Bio? The wha? :ninja:
Want to know some info? Feel free to ask. :meditate:

:spotlight-right::empllama: Fair Warning: Some items in my gallery and favourites folders contain subject matter of an adult (though non-violent) nature -artistic, erotic, or fantasy. What can I say? I admire the female form in all shapes and sizes; real, imagined,or illustrated. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. So if you are sensitive to such things, well, don't say I didn't warn you. :emplllama::spotlight-left:

"The human eye is lustful; it craves the novel, the unusual, the spectacular."
-Stephen E. Ambrose

So what is art? Art is anything we make it to be.

I am neither a professional photographer nor an illustrated artist any longer. Those days are long gone, but who knows... a reprise may just come about. ;) What I am right now though is an admirer of fine works may they be in the form of photos, paintings, or illustrations. I do doodle every once in a while, but I am such a perfectionist that it usually gets aborted before I finish. It's a flaw I live with.

My interests run on a broad spectrum. It may seem eccentric, eclectic or even perverse to others; but if something tickles my fancy or captures my interest, I add them to my favorites. It doesn't necessarily reflect who I am as a person, it just shows I appreciate many things - from the sweet to sometimes the shocking. :altermind:

What I have found that gives me pleasure when I have some free time (via the 'discovery' of Rainmeter) is making desktop screenshots. Its like putting a collage together. It all starts with a wallpaper, an idea, and lots of imagination. You can say that my desktop has become a canvas of sorts. Thanks to the many excellent works of so many gifted artists and artisans, my inspirations have come to fruition. For that, I am truly grateful. I highly respect every individuals intellectual property. If its specifically labeled or stamped 'not authorized for use', I just leave it and move on...and I usually find something better! :D

I do not 'steal' works per se, for I meticulously acknowledge credit to all the elements I use; from the wallpapers to the Rainmeter skins and suites. Even if I did not create these elements, it still takes some planning and time composing and putting the pieces together, so I do appreciate all the faves, comments, and feedback. Thank you. :dalove:

I also sometimes write critiques. One, because I like writing. Two, because I have an eye for art. Three, because I like to support and encourage. I give fair and honest assessments. If something has impact and it strikes a chord and I see a critique request, you betcha I'm gonna write something.

Other than that, its a pleasure making your acquaintance. I've made some nice friends on here and hope to make some more. Best wishes to all and do keep doing all the great work you do -may it be a passion or a hobby. Remember this...someone, somewhere out there, appreciates it. I know I do. :ahoy:
Ok J-Pop and Vocaloid fans. Hatsune Miku is coming back in the US! Her big return since Mikupolis in L.A. back in 2011. However, she already graced the continent earlier this year when she opened for Lady Gaga from May thru June. But on October 11 & 12 in Los Angeles (yay L.A.!!!) and on October 17 & 18 in New York, she'll be the main star of the show (no worries, the rest of the Vocaloids will be with her too).  For more info on the expo, events, and concert, please visit  ;) a bonus, she'll be on The Late Show with David Letterman on October 8th for a live US television debut! Make sure to check that out too.
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  • Eating: Sapporo Ichi-ban Ramen
  • Drinking: Sweet iced green tea ^_^

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