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Gold Digger by zenibyfajnie

For starters, I love Goldfish! So that already is a plus. I can't say enough how stunning she looks (and also for the goldfish cooperating giving you a side profile ^_^)

I like this picture very much. It's perfect. If the world wasn't so 'sensitive', I would use this for an ad campaign for Tetra or Hagen. The expression on the model has this look of innocence yet its warm and sensual. Her eyes just captures you and pulls you in. The lighting is good in showing off the colors of nature around her. Looking at this reminds me of those care-free Summer days of old, before the advent of electronics where we would all go venture out in the woods and catch all these fantastic creatures and keep them as pets. Pictures like this, that remind one of the good days, are the ones that leave a lasting impact. Excellent!

Over all this is a great picture in my opinion. Not overly produced and not too much make-up on the model. Sweet and simple. I love it. Bravo!
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