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I presume this is the same costume from the other Bubble Head Nurse shot, then again, I could be wrong. So, looks like we are critiquing the outfit. OK.

As you mentioned in the description, yes I strongly agree that Mike did a good job. No. Wait...he did a fantastic job! I've seen my share of BHN costumes and this ranks up there in effect and authenticity. This includes the facial wrap and cap as well. (sorry for the fact that you couldn't see -you are a trooper though) I took a peek at the film just now and I could honestly say that this came fresh out of the movie back-lot. Excellent and amazing.

Kudos all around to Mike, the photographer, and last but not least to you for modeling in it and making it look superb.
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CosplayCandy Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks again!! Yes,it is the same costume,but it was altered. I wasnt happy with the cotton material,Iwanted that latex look,with some rotten flesh and vein effects to it so I had a friend of mine go to work on it. He was going to alter the mask too,but didnt have time so he left it,the mask just doesnt cut it for me. I guess,I have a little ocd with perfection(lol) Thanks so much for the critique and positive comments!!
OmegaManLegend Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL... I hear ya on the OCD. :D I know.

Out of most of the cosplayers I've seen (so far), your work stands out. So yeah, keep up with the OCD perfection! ;) And as a consolation, the head-wrap looks better than some I've seen.

I just say it as I see it. It's a pleasure. Keep it up. You're welcome.
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